Kernel Updates

In two older posts in this blog, one about a Second SPI chipselect for Orange-Pi Zero, one about a Hitachi HD44780 text display under Linux, I talked about trying to get changes into the Linux Kernel.

In case of the Orange-Pi it was a bug-fix to the SPI-Driver of the Allwinner sun6i architecture. Thanks at this point to the author Mirko of that patch who let me submit the patch in his name. The patch is in the kernel since shortly before 5.13. Since it has been marked as a bug-fix, it was backported to various stable series of the kernel as far back as the 4.4 stable series.

In case of the Hitachi display it was a documentation update that should allow people to find out how to connect such a display with the necessary device tree magic but without any software change. This patch has finally been accepted into the Linux Kernel in time for the 5.15 release.